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. this has been a very tryingfor our family, but we are time grateful and relieved that mom is back with us, safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly. this is on ongoing investigation, so we hope everyone understands that we cannot comment further at this time. thank you. >> now the 911 that helped. it was at ebenezer and it was about a suspicious car. he called to say we know something down there. there is a dine are on the counter. both businesses said the fbi came calling look for surveillance video, hoping the cameras caught something on ebenezer road. it's uncolor whether that footage will be any help. >>> the former violet gross married cal ripken and gave us some of the greatest times of our lives from 33rd to camden yard. she has been involved with the boys and girls club of harford county since started a decade ago. >> not a day that she misses, whether to sign off on checks, overseeing any of our four location. she is definitely committed to the cause. >> the golf tourna
estimates that were given to us immediately following this hurricane-like hit by the utility company. >> officials are telling us to tell you if you still have not had power to restore, call the utilities and keep reminding them. >> all right. how he's alivion. 19-year-old dylan luiza survived a walk right into a set of downed power lines in edgewater. this is unbelievable. joce sterman today talked with hem. you've got to be amazed with this recovery. >> reporter: jamie, i can't get over it. dylan is at home. he spent two nights at bay view with third degree burns on his thigh and feet. besides that he's got no real damage. that in and of itself was a miracle. dylan was walking with friends. they were checking out storm damage, tired of being cooped out without air conditioning. while walking, help went toward the car and ran dead on into a set of downed wires that were strung across the field as a result of a power pole. his friends thought hi was dead and wondered what he who -- what they would say to his parents. when he came to he had severe burns. >> the fact them a' here, i kn
this afternoon. some00 expected here within the next several hours. that will bring us to the level that we saw in the aftermath of hurricane irene just to give you a sense of what they're dealing with. the governor said power restoration is moving forward, but think of this, sunday morning 50 substations around the state of maryland were out. the substations can power hundreds of customers at one team. now they're back on. now the work is going street by street, block by blorks focusing on those downed power lines. >> this becomes more tedious as time goes on because we're talking about restoring one or two or three or four houses. it become has block to block effort. up until this point it's been more of an entire neighborhood being restored. >> they're still talking about the and of the week before everybody's power is back on. i want to give you a phone number. if you have a neighbor or friend whose power is out, you can imagine those insurance companies are swamped with calls. you can call the maryland insurance administration at 1-800-492-6116. if you can't get through to your sherns comp
the chesapeake, has a drug problem. as jeff hager tells us a major bust has happened. >> reporter: to the naked eye you can mia's take it for a half cup of brown sugar but this 140 grams of heroin has a street value of $30,000. police found it during raids on two homes in the clay street community of annapolis. >> information was based on community sources, the police department pursues those vigorously. the drug department got it just as fast. two hand guns recovered as well. >> reporter: the guns were reported stolen and the investigation is far from over. >> we ask where these drugs come from. we dig into it and sometimes we find baltimore connections and sometimes prince george's county and sometimes the district of columbia. >> reporter: while members of the drug enforcement unit and s.w.a.t. team made a pair of arrests investigators say more suspects and more busts will come out of this. overall crime may be down at maryland's capital city but the war on drugs is far from over. >> we are seeing there is an upswing in some areas, indicating to show there's drug use out there. we're not nai
to provide all the details about this. >> companies have to report to us starting from, again, the weather forecast, their preparations for deployment around the storm, the execution against the storm restoration plans, their customer performance, every single element of the prediction effort has to be reported to us. >> the power company has three weeks. if you have comments or complaints, send them to the commission. public hearings will be held. >>> on the seventh day there will be power because the last six you have been switched off, ticked off. as roosevelt leftwich tells us, there's been no change except it's hotter. >> reporter: i asked you about an hour ago. i said, why would you ben to work on this. here's how you begin? these are the tree cutters. it happened within the past 45 minutes or so. the tree cutters are here. that's when the power crews can come in. peck this mess back up and get power back on. the neighborhood has been without power for six days. after six days know what to do. they don't know whether to become irate. ind would lawn folks were trying to cope with thin
than a dozen routes use lombard and light that means frustration for those who ride the bus. >> we'll get transit ambassadors to help direct that traffic so if a bus is diverted, people will know where they clan go to pick up lap route they might normally get. we're also encouraging people to take a look at our website to see those diversions. >> reporter: now if you look down there too, you see a bge crew. one of the things they're going to do, when they tear the street up, the 700 feet, they're giving all the utility has chance to come in land do what work they need to do. bge has been down here all day. you have the cable company, phone company, any lines. because the road is tore up, this is the best time to repair. this what you're hoping to do is they can fix everything and not have to worry about it again. the last pipe lasted more than 100 years. they don't want to deal with this another 100 years. >> have you stumbled upon anyone visiting baltimore saying what's going on here? >> reporter: all day long people have been walking by. it's been a cell phone camera paradise. th
. >>> baltimore county police have charged a man saying he had sexual contact with a 13- year-old boy he met using an app called grinder. police say the 36-year-old agreed to meet with the boy for sex near the boy's home. months later his parents found out. they called police. the detectives investigated, arrested him. he has been charged with sexual solicitation of a minor, sex offense and transfer hiv to another. police are not saying the hiv charge is connected to the 13- year-old. he is out on 75,000 dollars bail tonight but he is set to go on trial october the 11th. >>> well if you knead to borrow sugar you should have been here. just after midnight . firefighters were called tout to the ramp here on 95 north and route 100 for after overturned tractor trailer full of sugar. pounds spilled out on the road along with more than 60 gallons of fuel. the driver wasn't hurt. the firefighters were able to get it cleared up by two in the morning. we thought we were a beer town. take a look at montgomery where a truck overturned, it spilled cans of beer all over the road. state police say it happened o
they could run a tab and the police used it to track him down hours later. >> the phone number was identified, troopers were able to talk with the suspect. he was convinced to give himself up. he gave himself up after 7:00 this morning. >> abc2 news, abc2 news. >>> garrett had returned to carroll county after spending time in seattle and investigators are said to be looking in to the possibility he may have encountered the alleged shooter in washington state. >>> look at this, a 3 alarm fire has kept firefighters busy most of the day after flames and smoke gutted this apartment building. we have learned that the fire caused more than a billion dollars in damages , the fire started in fair land on castle boulevard. it left 70 people without a place to stay. >> reporter: a frightening friday morning for residents as fire ripped through the 3-story building leaving some people with no way out. fire officials say the blaze began around 7:30 in the back of one of the bottom units and quickly climbed. ronda and her pregnant daughter were stranded on the balcony. as firefighters woked to get them do
. none of the companies use telephone-based fund raising. they use either direct mail or door to door. the calls are coming from a branch of the international am fighters, a union that represents paid, not volunteer firefighters. >>> another hot day. let's take a look at temperatures. outside we g you can see a few clouds. we're sitting at 94 degrees across much of the area with the real feel number feeling around 102. the humidity will continue through the overnight hours. take a look. not much happening on the radar scan. that's the good news. the bad news is the heat. that will hang tough. 93 downtown. 91 in easton. you factor in that humidity. it feels like 100 degrees toward the eastern shore. the rest of the evening will slowly fall back. 93 at 8:00, 9:00. there is the chance of an isolated storm. as we head toward the midnight hour, the chances diminish. what has my attention is well toward the northern plains. we're talking northern wisconsin, back toward parts of north dakota. there's a cold front. this drops south as we head into wednesday afternoon, interacts with paul the
were going to give us a raise but going to increase the numb of hours we had to work to get the money. the chief got his raise today, both the mayor and head of the yawnion talk about that -- union talk about that after it happened. if we are all going to set this up, i think it needs to stop from the top down. >> we put an offer on the table. they have a right to their position and opinion about the hours they want to work. i'm making sure it's public. we could have been having a conversation about raises for firefighters and for clack, that didn't happen. >> reporter: comptroller and counsel president young voted against the raise. chief jam clack will be remaining the chief of the fire department through the year 2018. >>> to arundel county, the police chief james tier will resign august 1st as county executive john leopold has been investigated for misuse of security detail after a no confidence vet of the police chief -- vote of the police chief. the chief has taken criticism for extending service to collect $300,000 for one time pension payment. john leopold appointed pamela dav
water pollution control act in u.s. history. most of the states have reached at least half of those goals. don is out on the water to see just how clean our bays and tributaries are tonight. >> reporter: we all have a big impact on the bay. that's why people like diana help keep track of the waters that feed into the bay. diana is responsible for keeping track of the water quality in the south river so we can tell how the progress of the bay cleanup is doing. she says all the recent changes to the environment and weather affect the bay. >> between climate change, between excessive nutrients in our bays, between more events like tropical storm lee, we're going to see more sewage breaks, all of this stuff going into the bay. then when we get these heat waves, we'll so more of this more often. >> reporter: she sees affects from the western shore and eastern shore. >> storm water and septic, we see agriculture problems as well. you combine all of those into one big ooze for the chesapeake bay system. >> reporter: jennifer has been on the bay all her life. she now has two young boys and
, the lightning storm that lit us up and what it means for temperatures. >> big improvement in temperatures today, 3 degrees below average, you were guaranteed 87 so just barely a 2-degree winner and seven forecasts in a row we've hit that two degree guarantee, don't forget to check us out on mobile abc 2 news app the itunes store. you can see how pleasant the temperatures are across the state and in your area, we're back in abc 2 news coming up. [ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company. your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... giggled, snuggled, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the ename
on the uss wyatt. another hazy day. thanks for watching us inside. that's not too shabby still. wyatt will be back with your forecast. >>> thousands lost in the vacation rental that within the-- went bad. joce sterman has the story and a warning when you're booking your vacation. >> every year our family take as vacation. >> she and her family of 11 are staying in a hotel this week in florida but they paid for a house on the beach. >> we all put in to finance this trip. we all had a portion. >> reporter: she went to vacation, found a house, corresponded with the person she thought was the owner and paid with money orders. according to a sheriff's report when she arrived at the home she realized it was not the one she saw on line. a woman, the manager of the house pulled in. >> she said you're not supposed to be on this property. i work for the owners and she called the police immediately. >> reporter: the home down a long tree covered driveway is not owned by bruce christian son. she even had a contract. >> is unavailable to take your call. please leave a message. >> reporte
is here with us now. tomorrow is going to be worse. it's already baking. what is going to bsh it's going to be terrible. >> i'm out of words. >> sometimes it has to get worse before it can get better. we have to get the peak of the heat wave out before we can get on the backside. we are not quite there yet. 103 winchester and 99 baltimore now, we got bad information out of easton. it feels like more than 100 there. warnings run statewide through tomorrow evening. the intense heat will come tomorrow from midday right in to the afternoon hours. now it's intense already, upper 90s and feeling like the 100- degree range out there and again on the way to 102 as we go in the afternoon tomorrow. how hot is i where you are? head to the i tunes store or download the abc 2 weather app and pull up your town and see where the temperatures are checking in throughout the day and next several days you. will see how hot you are as we go in in to the day tomorrow. >>> nearly 20,000 people are still in the dark waiting for these guys to show up. it's nasty with the heat. they don't have power. bg southeas
're watching us from catonsville be aware of making trips to your automated teller machine. they believe the robberies are linked to two other crimes in june at banks in the same area. the man has used various cars to drive up to the locations and he's always concealing his face. by the time the victim sees him, it's too late. >> the most important thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings, especially if it's not in a well populated area. >> the police say the robber usually strikes between 9:30 and 10:00 at night on saturdays and sunday and chosen banks on baltimore national pike, frederick and will kins avenue. >>> police say this man sexually assaulted somebody in the 2300 block of aiken street. he's about 5'6", weighs about 150 pounds. call 410-396-2076. >>> for the second time in four days weave le lost another one of our sons to war f you worked at fort immediate, grew up in ex-sex you're broken up over the loss of srgt pepper. >> we've been getting emails in our newsroom from folks who knew him. they say he was a really good guy, honorable man. he was killed in afghanistan
question, are we safe here? brian kuebler joins us live with reaction from fans and police. what are they saying? >> reporter: a very big night for a very big movie. we want to make it clear there is no credible the threat here. local law enforcement isn't taking chances. at the lands mark in harbor east downtown , the matinee showing of the dark nigh rises had a line of people waiting to buy tickets, people were waiting to be entertained by the summer blockbuster for months but today, were keenly aware of the horror. it's crazy to be premeditated with the gear. >> words have a way of failing of describing i feel behavior. a incident rooted in tragedy and randomness it has cities across america reacting. this is no creditel threats of copy cats, local thoughts here in baltimore are leaving nothing to risk, baltimore county police said today while sit not staffing officers at the theaters on this night it will increase patrols around them and the malls they maybe located in. in the city, baltimore city police are staffing officers at all locations whether it is showing the movie o
detectives right now. the department is also urging people to use the buddy system and not walk alone, especially when drinking and stick to public areas. if you are heading down to the beach police want you to be safe. they have given us these tips. never walk alone. if you have to go somewhere by yourself tell someone where you're going and tell them the route. avoid drinking too much. be aware of your surroundings and walk in well lit highly traveled places. >>> all right. we're talking about water, sewer and we all look for ways to save a buck on our utility costs. a recent offer to pay your bills isn't the way this go about it. joce sterman explains in this week males scam alert. >> we all feel the pain by paying our utility bills. if someone offered to cover yours it would be a tempting offer. >> to have a bill taken care of. so they are willing to take a chance, unfortunately. >> reporter: the assistant maryland attorney general said people are taking a chance on a scam. the ag's office has been fielding calls from people who said they have been called, emailed or contacted by
, and that show is starting at 9:00 tonight. there you go. >> the military enables to us live in a great country like this to be free. >> how about that. there is live music going on at catonsville high school. the fireworks are set at 9:00. let's go to a pep parade at the american vision fare ri art mew see. patriotic pets strutted their stuff. organizers invite animals of every kind but no felines could be found. it includes several costume and talent contests, best hair, least likely to succeed as a pet. your mom dresses you funny, eve use scale chairs. >> it points out how fun and eclectic baltimore really is. you don't find stuff like this in a lot of places. it's because baltimore -- we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take fun very seriously and we're comfortable being zany, loopy and a little patriotic. >> that's not mini put. it's rose the petite pug. what, what? okay we weren't the only ones celebrating the 4th. americans all over the land were showing their stars and stripes including the president. we have more. >> reporter: from down south to the nation's capital, meshes -
off of 41st street. it has led to a police officer firing his gun. cheryl conner tells us this did not end well. >> reporter: it has been. neighbors are standing outside of their home which is blocked off by crime scene tape trying to figure out what's going on. we're getting some of those details. the baltimore spokesman said a family argument brought them to weldon place north. that was late this afternoon. the first officer started to struggle apparently with the man inside. he called out a signal 13. that means he needs backup. another officer saw the two fighting on the ground with a weapon nearby so he fired his handgun. >> there was a, what we believe a knife like object in the vicinity. the officer who was being attacked did summon the other officer to assist him. he fired and he died as a result of the injuries. >> reporter: he was transport to the hospital. he was pronounced dead late this afternoon. you can see officers are still on the scene. they're going inside that home trying to process this scene. again, we're in the 1400 block of weldon place north where baltimore
placed a mandatory 24-hour restriction on water use in northern sections of aa county. people in those parts should not water their lawns. use sprinkles, wash cars or fill up pools. the restriction are expected to continue for about two weeks. if you need all the latest information about the water main repairs and the traffic issues, just head to abc2 news/traffic. >> governor martin o'malley and house speaker michael bush met with members of the delegation trying to reach a compromise that would pave the way for a casino at national harbor. jeff hager has more on how that can affect city's cut of the pot. >> reporter: spots have already become a real fit at anne arundel. it will ultimately bring the unarmed bandits to baltimore. it could cut in boasmght the -- both. the governor could address that. >> you sequenced the timing of the sixth so it does not come on line until 2016. that gives you an opportunity to see what the benchmark is and you have provisions to make sure that the city and the anne arundel county are held harmless in terms of local share. >> reporter: the city committ
just south of hagerstown. officers took two cars that were used to transport all of them. you know just last month, [inaudible] announced a 6-cents hike per pack. it matched the price tag of the marlboro cigarettes the average price is now more than $5 a pack. >>> new, baltimore city will receive seven and a half million dollars of a 175 million-dollar settlement with wells fargo over accusations it discriminated against minorities, in violation of fair labor laws in 36 states. baltimore filed the suit in 2008 because of the subprime lending practices targeted minority neighborhoods in the city. >> if you are african american or latino, you are more likely to be placed in a subprime loan or pay more for the mortgage loan though you are qualified and deserved better treatment. >> they have agreed to commit to lending more than 400 million in baltimore city for the next five-years with more than 100 million for low and moderate income residents. >>> new report showed foreclosures are up from 26% from the end of last year. california based report says that one in 300 homes in foreclosure
in town. look at the eastern shore with full on sunshine today. that allows for us to get to 98 degrees. we'll be into the 70s. showers and storms in the mix. we'll track it and your seven-day weekend forecast coming up. >>> an update to the breaking news we have been following all day. police say they have threatened a man -- arrested a man who threatened a shooting. he worked at pitney bowes. the investigation started on wednesday and ended early this morning. >> reporter: an early morning raid on park ridge circle turns up a virtual arsenal of weapons after a disgruntled employee threatened a mass shooting at his workplace here in pg county's county. >> he said i'm a joker. i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. that initiated a 36-hour investigation. >> the unidentified man worked for years for pitney bowes at an industrial park in capital heights but the threat came over the telephone hams the supervisor advised him he was fired. at a moving company next door she reflected on the threat which struck so close to home. >> that is so scary that people are actually going that
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